Bulldozing Java Collection Roadblocks

CollectionSpy Goes Open Source !

Market forces have spoken! In the past couple of years, CollectionSpy struggled to grab enough Java profiler market share to support further commercial development. But we won't let CollectionSpy wither and die. Software Pearls BVBA, the company behind CollectionSpy, will open source this unique tool, the only profiler to focus exclusively on Java Collections use, and abuse. So we're looking for passionate volunteers to help us get our code base into shape for a public release sometime in early 2013. If you're into Java internals, or state-of-the-art tooling, then this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study and work on a real commercial codebase. Our plans are to align our code and build system with a popular open source-friendly standard, and allow the open source community to take the tool to where it wants to go next. Interested? Contact Laurence on collectionspy@softwarepearls.com.

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Open Sourcing CollectionSpy - 21-Nov-2012

Software Pearls will Open Source CollectionSpy in early 2013. Join us!

CollectionSpy 1.1 Released ! - 01-Oct-2009

Price drop! Latest 1.1 Release is up to 20% cheaper than previous release. Adds support for profiling apps running on 1.5 JVMs, better performance, and improved launch configuration.

CollectionSpy 1.0.2 Released - 28-Aug-2009

Improved ClassLoader support in web apps. Better Launch Configuration and License Key dialog behaviour.

ColectionSpy 1.0.1 Released - 18-Aug-2009

This minor release adds support for the latest Sun JDK 1.6.0_15 update release, and fixes some bugs and usability issues.

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