X-ray Collection-related Problems

Live Container Instances

Every live container in the heap is tracked. Views organize them neatly in their interface groups (Maps, Lists, Sets, Queues, etc...)

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Usage Radar

Using a familiar-looking, bird's eye package/classes/methods perspective, the Usage Radar lets you quickly see which parts of the profiled program use which types of containers, and which APIs.

Container Population Chart

Track the evolution in time of your container populations. See when instance creation hotspots are active.


Class Loading

All classes loaded by the profiled application are logged and charted with full timestamp and ClassLoader information.



Most Collectionspy freatures can be customized and switched on or off via the extensive preference options.

Live Animated Container API Usage

Any API called lights up and increments the counter at the intersection of API column and container instance row.

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View Internal and External HashCode Collisions

Check your objects' hashCode values, and view hashing container bucket list lengths.

Class Relationships Tree

Visualizes the role relationships between container class, element class and container user class. All sensible relationship permutations can be viewed (eg user/element/container, container/element/user, element/container/user, etc.).


Container Corruption Detection

Get notification of any hashing container becoming corrupted due to a mutable element (or key for Maps) being mutated while stored in the container.

Launch Dialog

CollectionSpy lets you define any number of target applications to profile, along with their launching parameters, such as JRE to use, command line flags to use, and so on.