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CollectionSpy Software Requirements

  • Java platform version: minimum 1.5 (for profiled application), 1.6 (preferred 1.6.0_12) for CollectionSpy itself.
  • Processor minimum dual core @ > 1.8Ghz, preferred quad core @ > 2.6Ghz
  • RAM minimum 2GB, preferred 3GB
  • Screen resolution minimum 1152 x 864, preferred 1920 x 1200

CollectionSpy Licenses - General Information

  • All CollectionSpy licenses are standard, node-locked licenses. One license allows one user to use the program.
  • The product download URL and license key(s) will be delivered by email following purchase.
  • FREE upgrades for 6 months after purchase are included in all licenses except Open Source License. Minor and major upgrades are included in this policy.
  • FREE basic support for 3 months after purchase is included in all licenses. Basic support consists of up to (5) email-only support incidents. Contact us for other support options.
  • All transactions are in Euros, USD and GBP prices are shown only for your convenience.
  • By ordering, you agree to all CollectionSpy license terms.

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