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Welcome to your number one platform about spies. This is where you can find everything you need to know about spies. The world of espionage otherwise known as spying is the manner in which secret information is obtained without permission of the information holder. For centuries people have been obtaining information in all sorts of ways, for all sorts of purposes.

The world of spies is not always what we see in the movies. The movies have depicted spies as undercover agents whose lives are filled with fun, excitement and more often than not tons of romance. The truth is that real life spies may do all the exciting stuff, but they also spend many hours doing things which may be considered boring by most people.

Espionage is way of gathering intelligence and there are many intelligence agencies who make their money by obtaining and gathering information for both the public and private sectors. There are many different aspects to the art of spying, not all spies are trained in the same manner and not all spies do the same things. They may come from all backgrounds and walks of life. The truth is that most spies do not look like you would expect them to look. The average person who you don’t even notice in the crowd is more than likely the one person who is actually a spy.

The spies who are good at their craft will be able to blend into a crowd and truly not stand out. They have learned the art of gathering information and obtaining data in very secretive and smart ways. Fortunately in today’s day and age technology has advanced to such a degree that the art of spying is easier than ever before. There is very expensive equipment available on the market which ranges in price to hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. This equipment works together with technology and takes the profession of spying to a whole new level.

In the olden days a spy was someone who was fully employed by the government to get their hands on secret information. They usually did this by infiltrating the enemy. They would usually be involved in work relating to a naval and military nature. This is not the case anymore, as although these type of spies still do exist, the word “spy” is used more loosely in todays day and age. The profession of spying overlaps with many others such corporate intelligence, the police sectors, the government, survellience and much more.

The modern spy is a completely different thing to the old spies we used to know. However many people still make use of some of the older techniques. There are some excellent old fashioned spy theories,methodologies and techniques that can never be replaced by any technology. The theories date back from the old school spy training schools and collges, where people learnt from the very best.

If you are thinking about becoming a spy, learning more about spies or are just generally interested for your own knowledge and inerest then you have come to the right place.